Sunday, April 22, 2007

2 scarves, a newborn baby hat, and a note from sjanova

sjanova sent me pics of these great projects (which will be coming to the Iliff center in Virginia), along with this note:

The first two [scarves] are the black/white RH Light & Lofty with red yarn knitted in with it -- looks interesting. The third is the other RH Light & Lofty -- blues, purples, a bit of pink, a bit of beige -- with a navy yarn knitted in with it. I did both of them in a moss/seed st -- k2, p2 across and p2, k2 on the way back, so each row was different and the fluffy popped out on both sides and it's reversible. I used size 17 needles -- seemed to be about right for this. All acrylic, so machine wash and dry.

I was thinking that it's not really scarf season but then I realized that people healing and older people, healing and not, tend to be chilly, so they might appreciate a scarf for their shoulders.

The newborn baby hat is from the Save the Children newborn size baby hat using Caron Simply Soft Ombres Yarn - Baby Brights Ombre (I used sz 7 and 9 dpns since I think this is a slightly thin worsted). Again, an acrylic so machine wash and dry. If you discover that they don't have newborns there, I'll do something bigger when my eyes are a little better. Or make another one, if I have a chance.

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glccafar said...

Sorry, I haven't successfully gotten the pics to post, I'm working on it!