Friday, April 20, 2007

Hello everyone!

Thank you so much for starting this community. I think it's a wonderful way to get to know and/or remember this wonderful young woman.

There are 2 communities you folks might want to be aware of as you craft these scarves together. 25thingsforcharity and craftingforacause have been working on making and donating items to charity. In the first community, the goal is for individuals to send 25 things to charity over the year. For the latter, the goal is just to tally what is donated as a community to see how many items get sent over the year. Since you will be donating a lot of these scarves anyway, you might want to sign up for those other communities and add your contribution to a growing pool.

Additionally, if any of you have yarn in the Hokie colors, crafting for a cause is working Crafting for Hokies. We are making Warm Up America squares in Hokie colors, and our resident sewer will sew them together for us...8 rows of 4 squares each for 24. If you want to participate in this project or learn more, check out or for all of the details.

I have been making scarves out of "fun fur" and eyelash yarn for a local women's shelter, and I will be most happy and honored to work on my next batch in honor of Mary Read.

Thanks again.

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glccafar said...

Hello, JorieJC2! Thanks for the great information. I love the idea of donating to a shelter for homeless women.