Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Update on recipient info and contact info

Ok, everyone.
First, I have added a link to my email address on this blog (under my profile--I've never set up a blog before, please bear with me while I work through the kinks!), for anyone who'd like to join.
I have also found what looks to be a really good recipient facility:
Not only are they in Virginia, they have both elder care and a pediatrics unit (giving lots of options for many sizes and varieties of fluffy scarves).
I will be happy to collect scarves for anyone who does not have a predetermined recipient (like their grandparent or a favorite charity of your own). Please feel free to email me for my contact info if you'd like to send a scarf for donating but don't want to formally join the KAL. (Also, if anyone would like to send fluffy yarn for others to knit at Md Sheep and Wool, please feel free to contact me for that too.)
Thanks again.


Roe said...

I e-mailed you earlier, but just wanted to mention that I am very interested in doing the KAL. Should I copy the ribbon and VATech logo and post it on my blog (with a link to your site here) to show that I'm involved in the KAL? Thanks.

Jenn said...

I'm definitely going to contribute some scarves!

One thing to keep in mind: While fluffy scarves are really cute, they may not be suitable for very young children who like to chew on scarves that may shed fibers. Fortunately, there are plenty of very happy, super bright yarns that aren't fluffy!

glccafar said...

Good point, Jenn! Happy and bright certainly is well within the spirit of this KAL.
Roe, I'm not sure that I got your email. If you haven't gotten an invitation from me, would you mind re-emailing? Thank you!
And certainly feel free to copy the logo and post it on your blog. I think that's a great idea.

Meg said...

I have made a graphic that uses the VT ribbon logo but says "Knitters send prayers to Virginia Tech 'For today, we are all Hokies.'" If anyone is interested. Here is the URL link

glccafar, I got your e-mail and have created a group for the KAL on I will keep you posted as to how many people plan on joining in! I'm excited to start knitting! :D

Meg said...

Well, sorry that url won't work everyone, but the graphic is on my blog, (that i just started...haha) if you'd like to use it. I don't mind at all.

glccafar said...

I've added your image to the blog, Meg. Thank you for creating it!

Eliza said...

Hi everyone. I'd like to join up! I won't be in town for the festival in MD, but I definitly have some bright and happy I can knit up! I've sort of abandoned my blog for now, so it's just me... If I can remember my password, I might be able to get into the Facebook group.

Roe said...

I've gotten the invite, thanks so much! I'll post a link to my blog when I start, and will have some pictures up this weekend. Thank you again for putting this together.

glccafar said...

Great, thanks for letting me know, Roe. And Eliza, I don't think I've received an email you from you yet. If you'd like to contact me (so I can invite you to join the KAL and be able to post here), my email address is in my profile (just click on my name). Thanks!